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Arequipa is Peru’s second city with just under 1 million inhabitants. It is nicknamed the White City because it is almost completely built out of a white volcano stone called sillar. Most come to Arequipa as the base for treks to Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. The White City is also one of the few Peruvian cities outside of Lima which has a gay scene, albeit very small, with a handful of bars and gay owned businesses worth checking out elax and enjoy your time in Peru! The night life in Peru offers a diversity of options depending on your interests. PV Travel recommends many places around Peru. If you are interested in dancing and clubbing it is important to know that the discos do not really get started until nearly midnight. However, many places may offer free or reduced entry before midnight although you might have to wait until 1:00 am for the club to fill up and become lively.

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Here are some of men only hotels or gay freirndly in Lima :

  1. קאסה ארקיפה (Gay-Friendly) Casa Arequipa provides comfortable rooms with a touch of traditional Peruvian style. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  2. La Casa de Tintin (Gay-Friendly) This charming guesthouse provides cozy rooms and a welcoming atmosphere for gay and lesbian guests. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  3. Casa Consuelo (Gay-Friendly) Casa Consuelo features comfortable accommodations and a friendly staff, ensuring a pleasant stay. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  4. Villa Sillar (Men Only) This modern hotel provides spacious rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  5. Hostal Le Foyer (Gay-Friendly) Located in the historical center, Hostal Le Foyer offers comfortable rooms and a cozy ambiance. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  6. Hotel San Agustin Posada del Monasterio (Men Only) Situated near the Monastery of Santa Catalina, this hotel offers a peaceful retreat for male guests. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  7. La Hosteria (Gay-Friendly) La Hosteria provides comfortable accommodations and a central location for exploring Arequipa. Check Availability and Prices: קישור
  8. Hotel Casona Solar (Men Only) With its colonial architecture and tastefully decorated rooms, Hotel Casona Solar offers a charming stay. Check Availability and Prices: קישור

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